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Marinales has developed an inclusive strategy based on core values all stakeholders share with a common objective of sustainability. Marinales aims at developing an approach that  goes beyond the client/provider relationship and leads to a partnership of mutual interest. Marinales provides general services listed below, and much more, according to partners' needs and expectations.

What We Do

Advice on 

  • Marine and Coastal Environmental protection

    Marine aquaculture and fisheries science and technology

  • Review of the legislative, policy, and regulatory environmental aquaculture and fisheries management

  • Strategic Environnemental  Assessment (SEA)

Expertise in

  • Cost-Benefit Analyses 

  • Developing modern integrated management tools, including stakeholders’ consultation processes, use of Geographical Information Systems GIS, and ecosystem-based approach to integrated management and Marine Spatial Planning MSP

Technical support on

  • Compliance with international commitments

  •  Conferences and workshops settings

  • Fishing technology

  • Fish processing

  • Marine Protected Areas designation, delineation, and management

Training in

  • Aquaculture

  • Database management

  • Capacity Building

  • Marine ecology

  • Marine environmental studies

  • Marine policy

  • Fish valuation

  • Fish technology for traditional fisheries and local coastal communities

  • Risk assessment and management

  • Sampling at sea

  • Statistics

  • Stocks assessment

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