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Professional & experienced Guidance around marine environment

Marinales, an advice and expertise company, offers its services to support marine sustainable development. The company provides solutions to mitigate negative human impacts. It is committed to support stakeholders involved in environmental protection use and ecosystem goods and services valuation, including extractive activities (fisheries), aquaculture, tourism, as well as integrated coastal zone management.


Marinales activities encompass the whole Mediterranean thanks to a wide interdisciplinary experts' network that has gained knowledge in the Indian, Northwest Atlantic, and South Pacific oceans.


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Dedicated team of experts

The Marinales team is committed to contribute to the sustainable development and to the protection and valuation of the Mediterranean marine ecosystem.

About us


Marinales has developed an inclusive strategy based on by core values all stakeholders share with a common objective of sustainability. The company aims at developing an approach that goes beyond the client/provider relationship and leads to a partnership of mutual interest.



At Marinales, we believe that the marine environment is key to economic, social and cultural development as human communities’ welfare depends upon healthy environments when human activities are sustainably designed and managed, living resources wisely used and efficiently protected. Our scientific evidence-based advice, backed by years of experience and knowledge makes the difference. Our principles stem from those of sustainable development, adapted to our specific environment.



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